(Don't let go of your phone)
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paperplanes.world, (best on mobile)

Video preview for those who don't have access to a mobile device.
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First thought was oh this is pretty cool, but it really made my day when I opened up a paper plane and it was covered in stamps from Thailand, to NYC, to South America. A nice, odd moment of connection with others.
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How do you catch planes?
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Make a catching motion with your phone when you see the basket
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A few days ago I noticed a significant uptick in the number of stamps from Thailand. It was such sudden change from not having seen any Thai stamps, it made me wonder if bots were "playing" too. Which would be disappointing. Other than that, really cool game!
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Fun, but I would love to be able to add small messages. (Maybe from a pre approved list, like: "The weather is great" or something). Also a timestamp on the plane would be great - how long has it been out flying?
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Rabarberofficer, every stamp on each plane has a date stamp!

This is very cool and very addictive, since each step is so easy and gratifying and there's no particular stopping point. I fear I will develop a case of Virtual Paper Plane Thrower's Elbow.
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I found two different stamps from a place called Ufa, which I just learned is delightfully spelled ӨФӨ in the local language
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This is delightful!

The fact that I shuddered immediately after thinking "wouldn't it be fun if we could add little notes?" is a view on the sad state of anonymous internet communication, I think.

I believe I will cure this sad that I have given myself by sending more planes!
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Planes are on their way from Warsaw, Portugal
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Oooh so fun. Except it thinks I'm in Decatur!
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PS on my third try I let go of my phone, which my children found HILARIOUS
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So it keeps thinking I'm in San Francisco which is very annoying because I'm not in San Francisco
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I wish I could get a list of not just the planes I made, but also all those I've caught and rereleased. I'd like to know where they go too!
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I wish I could fold the planes my way.
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for some reason it's glitching on my android phone- flashing in a way that would not be good for someone with epilepsy.
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I now demand
that you explain
this other way
you fold your plane
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I only catch planes from Mountainview and it keeps reporting I made 0 planes (while I have launched a dozen already). But I like the feeling, I'll keep trying.

Gent, Belgium in case anyone's wondering. And the weather's only so-so.

Update: Google is omniscient. I now caught a plane covered in stamps from all over the world.
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Um, am I missing something here? On an android phone it's just a blank purple screen, and trying on a desk top I get a rather snarky redirect telling me to install chrome. :/
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[x] WebGL in Chrome on desktop wouldn't run, had to disable second monitor on intelHD/integrated VGA for it to work, thanks reddit
[x] I'm left handed, so I ended up throwing the plane backwards!
[o] Hello Mountain View, CA USA folder :)
[x] a few other plane models woudn't kill 'em either, as per grumpybear69.

(I have not made many posts, apologies if any protocols have been overlooked)

PS. getting webgl to work took me here: other interesting WebGL experiments.
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Man, there's a lot of Mountainside CA...
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same here, all mountain view, zero planes tracked despite making 2. maybe the server is simply overloaded from all the publicity.
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Found this via Twitter this a.m. and I'm weirdly hooked. I've also been having problems with it registering the number of planes I created, but it seems to be catching up slowly. I've seen *so many* with only Mountain View CA stamps from May that I've wondered if they're seeds from the game dev, but I've caught a few that have 4+ stamps and multiple international ones. I wish the game clocked how far a plane has "traveled" since release (if only to save me going full nerd and making a Google map to pin the places I've seen stamps from).
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The reason you see so many from Mountain View is because the app launched at Google IO, a huge product developer's conference that Google puts on.
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phooky, I don't know about grumpybear69, but this is the paper plane I fold the most often when folding them IRL.
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On a iPhone that datestamp was so small I could not see it. I thought it was part of the stamp decor. It need a zoom feature.

Still really fun and useless.
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