Black Is The Color
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Black Is The Color, a gorgeous & haunting 72-page ocean romance comic by Julia Gfrörer (twitter, tumblr, etsy). Read it while waiting for the release of her upcoming plague book, Laid Waste! posted by Greg Nog (11 comments total) 41 users marked this as a favorite
Black Is the Color is such a good book. Thanks so much for sharing these links.
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Stumbled on Black is the Color a while back and it absolutely haunted the shit out of me. Went to grab a hard copy at the time and I guess it was OOP for a sec because I couldn't find it anywhere, but that's been fixed. Laid Waste preordered.

I have been so grateful that this has lived online @ Study Group for as long as it has, because it keeps happening (probably a dozen times in the past few years) that I'll be talking to someone and something will come up that'll make me wanna recommend this/her work in general, and I've been able to easily point people to it and say 'THIS' and then they go 'OH!' - and then hopefully go on to pick up some of her work because WOW, it is great stuff.
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Wow! Thanks for posting.
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Holy shit, that was amazing.
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Yeah that is just terrific. Good grief.
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She's amazing. Such great work.
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She's one of my favorite artists currently going to the degree that I have a few pieces of original art by her. If you would like one of your own, you can get a postcard from her for just $10.
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wow, this is incredibly good.
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Black Is the Color is great. The artwork is beautiful, so is the writing, and I especially loved the lettering, which was so expressive. Amazing that one person could draw, write, ink and letter at this level. Great use of the six panel arrangement.
I particularly enjoyed the scene where the merfolk banter while watching the ship, and the end gave me chills.
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Beautiful and grim. The resignation of the sailor, contrasted with the casual cruelty and obsession with art of the merfolk adds up to subtle ironic horror. I'm looking forward to seeing this in hardcopy.
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Sure, real great. Thanks for the post !
posted by nicolin at 1:18 AM on October 8, 2016

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