St. James Infirmary Blues
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There's a lot to worry about these days, what with weather and politics. Here's a bit of a distraction, The Silk Road Ensemble performing the classic St. James Infirmary Blues. Open a bottle of something smooth and spicy and enjoy.
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Klezmer blues with Yo Yo Ma? Sure, why not...
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Needs a "saintjamesinfirmary" tag to connect it to this previously
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Very interesting rhythmic background in this version! Many of you know this through the Betty Boop cartoon, featuring Cab Calloway's version of the song. (Song; Full Cartoon)

I stayed in the St. James hotel in New Orleans not too long ago; they claimed that the original part of the hotel was the original St. James Infirmary. However, the truth may be more complicated.

In any case, Rancucci's "previously" reference above--which I remember!--is required listening. What a song!
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Thank you for this, that was gorgeous! Rhiannon Giddens has a hell of a voice.

One of my favorite Silk Road Ensemble performances is Ascending Bird, which is a gorgeous piece that sounds perfectly like a bird in flight, and which benefits tremendously from being played by such a rich and diverse collection of instruments (though it also sounds lovely when it's just strings).
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Oh, man, thank you. I love Rhiannon Giddens and my middle school orchestra nerds are really going to enjoy this the next time I have a couple extra minutes to throw some cool YouTube on the screen in class the day after a concert.
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I once touched Yo-Yo Ma's cello. True story.
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I once touched Yo-Yo Ma's cello. True story.

and...????? more please...
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That Betty Boop/Cab Calloway song is about the trippiest thing I've seen in ages. Yikes!

Long John Baldry does a pretty smoking version of the song that I've always preferred. Can't find a link to it, unfortunately.
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I remember Lily Tomlin singing the song on SNL, with her and the whole band dressed as nurses.
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As I have always loved this song, and neither St. James Infirmary post mentions one of my favorite versions, here's Christabel and the Jons, from their record Love and Circumstances.
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Sorry I did not realize that you linked to Robert Harwood's book which I just finished reading. I used to read Rob Walker's blog which how I learned of Harwood's excellent book.
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And then I had to find an hour more of that wonderful woman singing.
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Cab Calloway's version will always be my number one, ahead of Louis Armstrong.

Nevertheless, any version with Ms. Giddons in it is going to be wonderful.
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Well. That made my day.

Thanks for posting it.
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