Representation, today.
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Today, I bring you a small handful of stories about representation mattering to people. Previously, a story about #toylikeme mattering to those with disabilities. About a black man cosplaying Batman mattering to a fellow-cosplaying child. About finally seeing yourself mattering to inventors of worlds. And a short note about a common experience of mattering in airports to young girls.
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The Batman story made it all dusty in here.
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This is all good.
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"As many of you know I've had to deal with issues regarding bigots who can't seem to wrap their mind around the idea of a black guy cosplaying Batman, because "Batman is historically white, there are plenty of black characters you could do instead".

I'd like to contrast this with the fact that as a voting block, in a few weeks real-life black people are going to be saving real-life America from its own worst self.
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Thanks for this post.
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This is the BEST.
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Taking off his Batman cowl to teach a child that anyone can be a hero was a moment of strongest possible cosplay. He took the mask off and became Bruce Wayne.
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This is awesome, thank you for posting!
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