Room-a-zoom-zoom! These cartoons were bad in a good way!
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Room-a-zoom-zoom! These cartoons were bad in a good way! When I was a wee lad, I loved cartoons like Blue Falcon/Dynomutt and Hong Kong Phooey. My gotta-watch cartoon was The Superfriends, which had some of the most unintentionally-hilarious dialogue ever. And can anyone for get The World of Sid and Marty Krofft? Anyone else get nostalgic over shows like this?
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Not exactly a double post but there are about 40 recent comments on the same subject here
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i cant watch the cartoon network. what they did to Speedy Gonzalez is unforgiveable.
posted by Qambient at 12:01 PM on April 11, 2002

God I loved cartoons. Especially the Herculoids, Galaxy Rangers, and the best cartoon ever, Thundarr the Barbarian.

I also like the Incredible Shmoo, which no one else believes was a real cartoon. He was this blob-thing, and he solved crimes. I can't remember exactly how a blob would help solve crimes, but I'm pretty sure he did. I think. I'm not sure if I spelled his name right, but it was a real show. Really. Oh, forget it.
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Fred and Barney meet the Schmooooooo!
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Speaking of the superfriends unintentionally hilarious dialog, it has been fairly well cataloged by seanbaby.

Poor, poor aquaman.
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Milton the Monster was strangely pleasing. Funky Phantom was nice. Thundarr was probably my favorite when I was a kid, even though there were all of about 8 episodes and the one with the train full of sleep-inducing flowers was responsible for me spending years of my life in and out of the merchant marine, and lolling mystically in smoky opium dens.

But that, my friends, is another story.
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Sigmund the Sea Monster, baby... and who can forget Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?
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Hey! Sigmund may have looked like an animate pile of Kim Chee, but he was no cartoon, mr. doodle!
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Sid and Marty Kroft shudder
Thanks, mrmanley, for undoing years of therapy ;)
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Dynomutt! God, I remember that show. Dynomutt was indeed a doggone wonder! :)
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I hate nostalgia for shit that was lame in the first place.

But I remember a schmoo. He was an Al Kapp (L'il Abner) creation. He was indeed a protean blob, would probably be useful a useful trait for a crime-fighter. But I don't remember an animated, crime-fighting schmoo.

We need more Bald Iggles.
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Three words: CHARLES. NELSON. REILLY. In the dreadfully hypnotic Krofft show called "Lidsville." This one was soooo bad that it was...BAD. Nick @ Nite did a Krofft overnight-special several years ago, and it was quite the trip down memory lane. And what the hell WAS HR Pufnstuf, anyway? Big-headed puppet, or Evil Overlord of Destruction?

BTW, Markie Post (hubba, hubba!) is starring in a new Electra-Woman movie, which, sadly, was NOT optioned by the WB as a new series.
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Lidsville. Sucked. What an insult to children.
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On his own animated series in 1979, the bell-shaped Shmoo teamed up with three young reporters—Mickey, Billy Joe and Nita—who worked for Mighty Mysteries Comics. Together, the foursome fought crime and investigated supernatural goings-on.

(Thanks YesterdayLand!)
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Together, the foursome fought crime and investigated supernatural goings-on.

If alien anthropologists* ever discover an old film cannister filled with early 80s Saturday morning cartoons, they're going to think that was a pretty common career goal for our society. What's really surprising is that there were any supernatural shenannigans left to investigate, what with all the investigators out there. They must have taken it in turns to be the investigators and the ones dressed up as wailing banshees, trying to scare specualators off their land.

"What's today? Thursday? Shmoo, you're in the sheet today. Scrappy, on your mark please. Someone call Scooby Dum!"

*with apologies to Roger Waters.
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I seem to remember this one every weekday morning, rather than just Saturdays. Anyone else remember The New Zoo Revue? Here's a page with the theme song to help your memory. I remember very little about this show other than enjoying it quite regularly...even shots of the main characters bring back only faint memories...

On another note...a point which I am sure has been made many times before...Scrappy Doo ruined what was an otherwise enjoyable diversion...

Finally my younger brother and I would nearly come to blows while rooting on our favorite team on Laffalympics (sorry no pics) I think he had the Scooby Team and I had Yogi...No wonder I was pissed he won 9 times to my 5...
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tdstone: Oh, yes, I remember the New Zoo Revue. Try as I might, I can never, never, never get that damned theme song out of my head. The show was...bad. Makes "Barney" look like Fellini & Spielberg rolled into one. Emmy Jo was quite the hottie, though, eh?
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