Do not count the squirrels, I think. The squirrels are not yours.
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"Removed audio of a cat purring when headphone jack is plugged in" [via mefi projects]

Lit.Cat is MeFi's Own Jaron Saturnino's new literary magazine. It combines elegant web design with new fiction and art. There is a new issue every Tuesday. This week's featured story is Underwater by Trevor Houser.

"I don’t know what to make of life after marriage. Plausible, but also absurd. I walk from one end of my part of the river to the other. I make a mental inventory of every reed and rock. Do not count the squirrels, I think. The squirrels are not yours."
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Hey you, thanks for posting this!
I got an email alert I nearly missed
This lit zine is my baby
And I check the blue daily
I'm glad that for more people it exists!
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I thought this was going to be a YouTube video of feline ASMR
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"Double-checked typography for keming problems"

I <3 you, weewooweewoo.
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