Turning on the NES just to listen to the title music again
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Musician and Youtube user Luminist is remaking music from the original Metroid using some full-on synths, and it sounds amazing. Title Theme; Brinstar; Kraid's Lair; Samus Fanfare; Item Room.
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These are amazing. Thanks for posting them!
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Samus Things
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My best friend's cousin's brother told me that Luminist's real name is Justin Bailey.
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Ah man, now I want an MS-20 mini.
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That and an Arp Odyssey!
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I'm stoked to listen to this, but the next one better be Super Metroid.
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Minor correction: Luminist is using only one synth, the MS-20 mini (albeit multi-tracked and processed), which is even more amazing.
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Apparently my brain now associates these sounds primarily with @SammusMusic more so than with the original tunes. I'm OK with this.
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These are fabulous.
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Oh do these calm the blood after an election thread.

(Also the next one clearly should be Castlevania II: Simon's Quest.)
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My Metroid nostalgia is deep, and this is gorgeous.
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He's active on r/synthesizers. I believe he's mutitracking only an MS-20 for all of these. That's some real work, there.
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This is so good.

The Kraid's Lair theme is one of my favorite pieces of video game music of all time and justice has absolutely been done to it here.

I vote for Mega Man next
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I hope now's a good time to bring up ocremix. I've linked to the metroid remixes.
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Reminds me a ton of Christ (musician), in a good way. These are so nice.
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Dang, these are deep. Are they available in non-youtube form somewhere? I'm looking but in case someone already found them...
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So I converted the longer ones to tagged mp3s so people can listen to them outside YouTube. Download link here (please don't share widely, it's my dropbox).

If anyone thinks this isn't OK/fair use, let me know and I'll take it down. Not trying to step on this guy's toes or take any credit.
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pretty good. i remember someone doing this with a handful of C64 songs by the likes of Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish a handful of years ago.
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That outro on the title track is just perfect.
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Amazing. Brinstar brings to mind the aural feelings of Boards of Canada...
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As someone who has only done digital music, the filters this person is using make me insanely jealous. I've never had a lowpass filter that just purrs the way this does.
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Somewhat off-topic, but I played some of these for my kids. My five-year-old son saw Samus jumping around in the video and asked something like "why is he shooting at the bugs? Is he a bad guy?". I explained that 1. Samus was a woman and 2. it is very common in video games for "good" characters to use violence on "bad" characters, even though that's not what we do in real life. I wondered how he'd respond; how much sexism had he picked up that might interfere with him being able to accept that Samus was a woman?

But to him it wasn't a big deal; he just accepted it right away.
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Alternative link to ocremix: album OCRA-0001, Relics of the Chozo. AFAICT, the remix search posted above doesn't find all the tracks.

ocremix seem to index some external albums, but sadly not Shinesparker's Harmony of a Hunter and its 2 disc sequel.
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