Two Cats Play Tug of War With Bowl of Milk
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Does what it says on the tin. Now, can we wedge it all into a scanner?
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I feel so bad for the ocicat. That gray one is totes bogarting that bowl!
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Right??? My roomie and I (w/2 boys of our own) watched it twice and just laughed and laughed. The ocicat reminds me of my boy with his inquisitive - halp hooman? But my cat can also be the jerk so I'm not sure if it's really comparable.
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Non F******k version.
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Russian cat videos are second only to Russian dash-cam videos.
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Lotta fellas would just get two bowls. Poor old spotty cat.
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I like how at about 0:20 into the video, the cat in the foreground looks at the camera like, "Can you believe this guy?"
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I am surprised at how milk didn't end up everywhere.
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Also, when my cat looks up at me with that "why is the world not being fair I has a sad now" expression it just breaks my heart. Years ago we had an unavoidable guest cat, and even though we tried to introduce them slowly they didn't like each other, and one day the guest cat came into my room (which is Dr. Cat's lair) and started eating out of Dr. Cat's personal bowl, and Dr. Cat's little jaw just dropped, and she looked so betrayed. And for this reason, I can never have two cats, because I wouldn't even be able to handle two betrayed kitties being betrayed at each other.

(Guest cat was a perfectly nice cat and now lives elsewhere with its very own hoomans.)
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unavoidable guest cat

Hello, new band name!
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Shouldn't there be some kind of game theory solution to this? Can some economist or logician weigh in?
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Anyone who gives these cats two bowls has surely violated a rule of cat videoing. You can't have a story...I mean, a two cats one bowl video... without conflict.
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This is my monster wanting the bag. Forgive the musical interlude in the middle when I go turn off the stove.
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Please, for the love of all that is humanity, get 'em another bowl! Sheesh!
But they are being so polite about it, until right at the end, and then it's, "Okay, not gonna stress out about it, I'll just clean up the floor while the bossy grey kitty gets the first licks in...." Poor ocicat.
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I just got a kitten and this would have had a completely different ending in my household. (It would also be about a 10 second video.)
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Yeah these are like the most cordial, well-mannered cats I've ever seen. My cats (PBUthem) would have turned violent at about 0:10 into the video and the milk would have been spread all over the kitchen in the process.
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