Of course J. Jonah Jameson is in it.
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The Moon Animate Make-Up team's reanimated Sailor Moon episodes and Bartkira trailer. Golem Jam 3: SCROOBJAM (previously). Dragon Ball Reanimate. And now, from Canada, a reanimated episode of the 1960's Spider-Man animated series.

The likely next episode reanimation project to be completed: Mama Luigi. (Details - no idea if they still need more animators.)
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And then there's the extended Steven Universe theme song: https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/787350144912007168
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I can think of so many other potential projects for Reanimation, some because they've grown obscure and need some new visibility, some because their original animation was not so great (I'm looking at you, Jay Ward Productions and the first two seasons of Rocky & Bullwinkle) and some just because the full potential for batsh!t insanity was not fulfilled the first time. Seriously... the 'Heavy Metal' movie, 'Rock and Rule', 'Colonel Bleep', 'Spunky & Tadpole', 'Deputy Dawg', the animated sequence in the 'Star Wars Holiday Special', the entire 'Star Trek Animated Series', 'The Pink Panther' title sequences, 'Aaaah, Real Monsters', 'Mr. Bug Goes to Town', 'Top Cat', 'Tiny Toons', 'Captain Planet', 'Disney's Gummy Bears', any 'Charlie Brown' special that was NOT for Christmas or Halloween, the original 1960s 'AstroBoy'... the possibilities just overloaded my 60-years-of-cartoon-watching brain.
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This video of all of the background music from the 1960s spider-man is pretty great.
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