It's not even Halloween yet
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But the folks in Garðabær have been busy

No word on a live web cam, yet.

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See also: the Gävle Goat, the archetypal giant straw Yule goat, which also rarely evades being torched by vandals.
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This is not the Gävle Goat, which is the one I watch on livecam every winter and who I follow on twitter. But I do recognize all straw goat kind, and wish it all the best as it strives to survive the Yule season.
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Gävle goat is the original. Don't torch copies...
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This reads like a Monty Python sketch about keep construction near swampy moors.
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We all begin our existence facing the same ultimate fate. Only the time and manner remain known.
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Oh hey, that's written by MeFi's own Aya Hirano on the Astral Plane.

Intrepid reporter by day, wanderer of the ectoplasmic realms by night!
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There's a MetaFilter user on the Grapevine staff? I haven't even been home from Reykjavik for 48 hours yet and I already need to go back.
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This is not the Gävle Goat

It is. IKEA in Iceland got the idea and the design directly from Sweden. And like its Swedish counterpart, it risks its life every year to bring holiday joy to the entire country by ... I guess standing there waiting to be set on fire or torn down by the winds.
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