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Soap Reviews Lengthy, detailed, wierd reviews by David Lynch (not the director). Excerpt: All that was left was the test of Lux's cleaning power. I wrote "Pronto" on my hand with a Scripto Super Stic med. pt. pen, and proceeded to vigorously scrub my hands under warm water. It took me a whole 1 minute and 19 seconds to completely remove all traces of ink from my palm. This is substandard cleaning performance for a soap, and I was somewhat disappointed by this poor showing. That said, I was impressed by the thick yet bubbly lather that was formed while lathering.
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"As you may know, it has been determined that small bars of hand soap are THE most important objects on the planet."

Cliche ahead:

This is what the internet is all about.
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"The soap's odor is really great. It combines the clean odor of soap with the sharp, crisp odor of a good aftershave. Now, I don't use aftershave, as I shave with an electric razor and most aftershaves burn like a motherfucker (which is also why I don't use Listerine mouthwash), but I love the smell of it. Irish Spring smells like aftershave, but is as gentle on your skin as soap, so it's really the best of both worlds."

This is my new favorite website.
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Excellent! I love the part where he says "don't wash your testicles with lava unless you are very drunk"...Bookmarked.
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from the review of tone:
There is a thin ridge, about a centimeter thick, circling the soap. I take this to be an indication that the soap was originally in two separate pieces, and was fused together at some point in its production. This is not a cause of concern for me, and I do not feel it reflects poorly on the soap. Indeed, this ridge adds to the already delightful tactile sensations.

The copius amount of foamy lather produced evokes thoughts of thick dairy cream, or a good body gel...The odor is basically soapy, with undertones of perfume and an extremely slight hint of toffee.

In all honesty, this is a really neat little soap, and I value it highly.
welcome to metafilter, andrewzipp. a brilliant debut. more please.
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It should be obvious to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention that the packaging for Tone has a distinctly feminine air to it, which may be a cause of concern for some readers. All I can say is that if your gender identity is so weak as to be concerned with the masculinity of your soap, you have more problems than I can help you with.

Pure genius. Excellent post.
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