Mundane details of living
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"...the underlying philosophy here is that what is mundane in one local is exotic in another, and underlying the daily events in all of our lives, there is profound truth lurking in the seemingly mundane details of living."

In the early 90s, Lyle Hiroshi Saxon filmed many hours of video documenting scenes and life in Tokyo and other areas in Japan.
1990 / 1991 / 1992 / 1993
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It's very likely that any videos of early 90s trains being crush loaded in Tokyo you've seen shared unattributed are his, too. He's a great bloke, too.
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heh I was living on the west side of Tokyo -- Shakujii, Kichijoji, Iogi -- in the early 90s so I already have these short clips available for replay in my head.
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This is the opposite of Weird Japan. Nice.
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I live in a college town in the Northeast United States, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of students from other climates getting excited about their first sight of snow. It makes the depressing aspects of winter a little more bearable.
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Holy crap! I was on the original LLLtrs mailing list. Hope he's doing OK, the blog goes up to 2015, he always seemed like a great guy.
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Hey, he's on Twitter: @lylehsaxon.
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what is mundane in one local is exotic in another

This is what I love about working abroad... not staying in interchangeable international hotels, but renting an apartment and finding out how life works. Approached in the right way, *everything* is exciting. Well, apart from trying to cross the street in Mumbai. That's just plain suicidal.
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Wow! I'll have to look at these when I'm not at work. I liked in Shinagawa with my family for about 4 months in 1990, when I was 11. I'm looking at a map and trying to figure out where we lived. I found it once but can't see it now. As I read them on the map I can hear the droning voice of the train conductor naming stops. "Gotannnda--Gotannnda-desssss."
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Some really great stuff in here. It's interesting to see the main street of Omotesando with so few people (Walkabout - Harajuku to Shibuya 911011, ~ 8 mins). I wonder if that was simple down to the time of day, or if the area was significantly less popular than it was when I last went (and it was packed)?
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