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American reporter Elizabeth Hawley has lived in Kathmandu since 1962, where she is the world's authority of the summiting of high Himalayan mountains and keeps Himalayan Database. The High Priestess of Posterity
These files are her life's work, containing the largest catalog of man's athletic achievements at the edge of the troposphere. Never mind that Hawley hasn't climbed a mountain in her life. She has interviewed, documented, and, when necessary, investigated nearly every expedition coming through Kathmandu since the country opened its doors to outsiders in the mid 1950s. She's also acted as an archival historian, collecting trip reports from as far back as 1905.
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Almost as inspiring as climbing the mountain itself. Maybe even more so once you're the 10,000th to do it.

A much-needed alternative to "those who can't do, teach" should be "if you can't DO it, be the one who documents it". Another great example: the recently retired Vin Scully. Not good examples: political pundits and highway patrolmen with radar guns.
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This is really fascinating. Thanks.
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Worth hunting down/checking out if you're interested in her is the documentary: Keeper of the Mountains (Kickstarter, companion biography, Google Play stream). I saw it a couple of years ago when it was making the rounds of the local climber film festival circuit. She's great. Another example of someone who made an unconventional but completely self actualizing choice.
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What a pity that she hasn't appointed an heir. Her work is irreplaceable.
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I love her. Now I want to read that book. And after reading a few of the interviews you linked to I can see why climbers and others are a little scared of her. Great post.
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Worth hunting down/checking out if you're interested in her is the documentary: Keeper of the Mountains

Oh wow, I'm so glad to see that movie here. It was directed by my friend Allison Otto. Her work is really great.
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