Gracie For President
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Tumultuous times, 1940. FDR of the Democratic Party vs Willkie of the Republican party. And then there was Gracie of the Surprise Party.

Pat Paulsen of sacred memory had nothing on her. Read on, watch, and, more to the point, listen.

(Extended advice for those who want to follow her footsteps.)

(No relation, in case you were wondering)
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Gracie is so much more coherent than anything El Cheeto Grande has to say. I would totally vote for Gracie Allen!
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The old Burns & Allen radio shows are still quite funny today.
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For further election relief, here's an article about Cartoon Characters Running for President, including two women even before Gracie: Betty Boop and Olive Oyl (both from the same cartoon studio).

But if that's too positive for you, here are Cartoon Villains for President.
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Gracie was so damn funny.
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More Comic Book Candidates
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