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After experimenting with "Ottoman Star Wars" for his graduation thesis portfolio, Istanbul artist Murat Palta created a series of illustrations for classic Hollywood films in the style of Ottoman miniatures, including, among others - The Godfather, Alien, Ghostbusters. Rich in detail and full of humor, he extends his attempt at 'combining global with local, traditional with contemporary...', by turning to classics of Western Literature - Don Quixote, Lolita, Harry Potter.
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Kind of a double.
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Huh, same link didn't show up on any of the searches I did. Oh well.
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The movie ones don't do much for me, probably because they're competing with the actual images in my mind, but the literary ones are amazing. They're wonderful!
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These remind me of Andrey Kuznetsov's traditional Russian lubok woodcuts of modern movies (also previously on the blue).
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These are wonderful! This artist totally needs to meet up with Mefi's own David Bull to make woodblock prints of his work.
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The Moby Dick artwork is my favorite. I love how the sea looks like a ball of blue wool.
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Over four years old and not as fleshed out as this post. This is a fine and good post.
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This is great. I'm really interested in the "faux Western" typography; didn't expect it to look like that at all.
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I LOVE these - incredible style. I've been working on my own Persian miniature style painting for the past few weeks.
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My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk is a fascinating conceptual murder-mystery which delves into the practice and philosophies of creating Ottoman miniatures. (Very highly recommended, and I'm not a fan of his other work.)
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