It will kill you. Even if it takes the rest of your life
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Previously, we've seen the trailer for GINOSAJI, The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon. That was seven years ago, and now Richard Gale brings you ... the full movie! Due at some time in 2017.

On Richard Gale's Youtube channel, you can see more of the story after the initial trailer. Viewers have Asked Jack some questions about his torment, like why not use a spoon against it? Then you can try an interactive experience to save Jack!. After a terrifying nightmare, Jack tries to be the Ginosaji himself (watch all 4 parts!), and the conclusion will be in the upcoming movie.

bonus: Nyan Jack, and real life Nyan Jack
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I thought the original was funny, until I realized that the Horribly Slow Murderer was Time, and then it wasn't funny at all.
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It's certainly a different take on Spoon Theory. I mean, maybe it started as a metaphor for time, or chronic illness, or... at this point, it pretty clearly is just exactly what it says on the tin: a Horribly Slow Murderer with an Extremely Inefficient Weapon.

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I thought that was hysterical - thanks.
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Christ. I have been waiting long enough for this to come out...
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I haven't backed it yet (since discovering the kickstarter today); it doesn't need my money, but also because the levels are kind of weird. I'm guessing it takes a lot of effort to make DVDs/Blurays but I would've thought you could get the Bluray at a lower level than $100. I wouldn't mind just waiting for the movie to come out whenever it does and just buy the DVD for like $20.
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I really think one of the kickstarter rewards should just be a spoon, sent to your house.
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The real life Nyan Jack was unwatchably horrific for me, reminiscent of 80s magical horror like Nightmare on Elm Street.
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I really think one of the kickstarter rewards should just be a spoon, sent to your house.

it is!

Pledge $50 or more

plus everything above

You will receive the exclusive collectible Spoon of the Ginosaji! Featuring a vibrant full-color rendering of the Ginosaji’s face and intricate laser engraved handle. Forged of stainless steel, the Spoon has a glossy enamel finish. Approx. 7.4 inches in length. A truly unique movie collectible (for display purposes only).

Unless you mean like just a regular spoon, then I'm sure you could just like order one from amazon and tell yourself it was from the kickstarter :P
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I love the trailer - but on balance I feel like this is one of those conceits that is already perfect at the length that it is, and there is no further comedy to be mined from snlizing it. But I'm happy to be proven wrong.
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This is a joke that only needs a Vine to be funny, not ten minutes more of running it into the ground, let alone a full length movie.
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It's hard to take a simple joke and make it into a bigger thing that is still good, but it's also not impossible. Krazy Kat was mostly about Ignatz throwing a brick at Krazy Kat and it went on for years without ever being unfunny. This could be a very fun movie to watch with a group who likes to yell "don't go in there!" at the screen.
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WARN: One of the episodes of Genosaji vs. Genosaji has a fat woman joke.

I think the length is a bit much on parts, but part of the original film involves parodying multiple tropes of the relentless stalker/haunting, including the use of power tools as improvised weapons, the militarized response, the girlfriend who doesn't understand, the painfully slow desert shot, and the torture-porn trend. It's hard to parody a cinematic conceit that depends on uncomfortably long scenes without going even longer.
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