Adventure cats
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Some cats like to surf and some cats enjoy snow. Some cats like dogs and some like hiking. posted by severiina (20 comments total) 32 users marked this as a favorite
This is the post I think we need today. Love it!
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I want my own Rosie! That cat is the best!
posted by numaner at 11:40 AM on November 9, 2016

One-eyed cat Kuli is a better swimmer than me.

Also, is it still called "dog paddling" when it's a cat doing it?
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Metafilter loves Rosie! (previously)
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Is this the post- election thread ?
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this is the let's just hug each other and look at cats thread because there's never a bad time to hug and look at cats.
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I agree, cats and dogs are the best.
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Adventure Cats looks like a nicely designed website. They know how to get cat stories to the masses without splitting the content over multiple pages.
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My cat loves EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY. Also, that includes eating plastic grocery bags.
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The Adventure Cats website is awesome, and Adventure Cats are awesome.
posted by mixedmetaphors at 1:47 PM on November 9, 2016

Yes, I needed this.
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awww this is precious, thanks for posting 😺
posted by grobertson at 2:48 PM on November 9, 2016

My cats are total underachievers.
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Paging captivepredator, paging captivepredator, black cat courtesy telephone, please.
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Once, when we were visiting an orange tabby kitten that we'd fostered to his permanent home, I almost thought about taking him back home with us. Not really, but almost.

This kitten climbed the sofa a few days after being born, long before any of the other kittens in the litter were walking. In fact, he wasn't really walking. He just explored, climbed, went places. I still remember finding him on the sofa, by himself, so tiny.

He was always way ahead of the others. He was also much smaller. Most of the kittens were nearly impossible to distinguish from each other (all orange tabbies), but he could be distinguished by location. Then it turned out he had a single black dot of fur next to one ear. For a while, we called him Pirate.

Eventually, the litter became the Star Trek kittens and I named him Jean-Luc.

One day, when he was about a handsbreadth long, he climbed an 8' high bookshelf by wedging himself between the back of the shelf and the wall and propelling himself upward. He would also jump onto a platform while I was holding it at almost any height. He was utterly unafraid of anything.

So, the day we dropped him off for good, he and his brother settled in quickly and enjoyed watching the birds through their new window. The adopters were awesome and had already installed a fancy automatic litter box and a huge climbing tower for them. It was clear these kitties were set for a great life, and we were ecstatic.

We loaned our cat carrier to the adopters since we liked to let the kitties have a familiar hiding/sleeping place for a while.
A few days later, we came back to follow up and reclaim the carrier. The kittens were having a fine time. When we were about to leave, I picked up the carrier and slung the strap over my shoulder.

Jean-Luc jumped onto the top of the carrier while I was holding it. It was like he was begging me to take him on an adventure.

Ah. I hope he's well.
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My cats consider it adventurous when they sleep on the other side of the bed.
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You rang?
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Profile pic changed to oldie, just for Severiina.
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Since we're doing photos:

Here's Jean-Luc's black dot. Black and orange fur on the same male cat is not normally possible, so he was clearly a mutant of some kind.

Here he is being himself, in context.

Here's a later Jean-Luc-alone-on-the-sofa photo. All the other kittens were still successfully contained by the furniture arrangement, but it was much more startling when he could barely walk.
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Yes, please. More cat photos!
posted by severiina at 11:41 AM on November 10, 2016

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