Fat Cats
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Photographs of fat, fluffy felines. Just what it says on the tin.

So that no one feels left out, he has done a dog photo project too.
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these are the very best cats.
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My mama saw the ginger laying on his back and said, "Oh my god! Is that all just ONE cat?!"
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I am tired of people lioninzing fat cat financiers! They claim to be self-made felines, but they were all born with at least one paw in the kibble bowl!

They do have gravitas, though
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Oh! I can contribute! I was sort of embarrassed last time I had a cat sitter for Sadie and Triceratops and said something about how we should probably put them on a diet, and she was like, "No! I love a cat with more to love!" So, that's how my cats will describe themselves if they ever need to turn to internet dating for love and companionship.
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My secret plan has been to get our cats fat enough that they won't have the energy to fight each other, but that doesn't seem to be working.

The stupid cat was a tiny little kitten when we got him and he's managed to outgrow murder cat. He's a sneaky little bastard, too, and he can creep by me and steal murder cat's food while no one is looking. A few months ago, he had to have a couple of teeth extracted. The vet told us not to feed him for a day to let the stitches heal and that he might be a little groggy from the anesthesia. The very first thing he did when we got him home was sneak in to the dog's crate and eat her entire meal for the day. The dog is almost 50 pounds. I finally found stupid cat laying on his side, sprawled out, obviously full but grabbing dog kibble with is paw and shoving it in his face.
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So much expression in these furballs! I especially love the one who's ears are mostly back. "He's like wtf is this shit."
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Cats -- equally aesthetically pleasing as a svelte cat shape or a football with ears.
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Cats are all well and good until they get old and depressed and just want to lay in a corner and the vet can't be of much help.

Zippurr has been to the vet six times in the last three weeks and nothing the vet has done or prescribed has done very much good.

Sorry to be a downer. But that is the state of our home right now.
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My childhood kitty was put to sleep two weeks ago, notreally, so I completely understand your pain and sadness. It's hard and it hurts, but I love their fuzzy bellies and treasure memories of all the ridiculous things Fezzik did when she was young and spry, and also old and demanding. I'm sorry!
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ChuraChura, I love how you put a penny next to one for scale. That penny does give a sense of scale, but it's so small compared to the cat that it almost seems mocking.
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Notreally, I feel you. One of my old dears has grown scarily thin in her old age and the vet says she can't find anything wrong with her. But she's *constantly* crying for food, so our relationship now consists of nothing but her screaming at me and periodically trying to force her way onto my own plate. It's frustrating. I wish I could free-feed her, but dry food aggravates her bladder problems, wet food invites roaches, and both are an opportunity for other kitty to gorge and exacerbate his weight problems :( old age is hard on cats.
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Fluffyfluffykittyfluffs! Except for the hairless one, who's still adorbs!
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wet food invites roaches

gusandrews, have you already explored the idea of a cat dish moat to keep pests away?

More cat food moat options.
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I had a photoshoot with this guy, pre-fat-cat plan.

gusandrews: I recommend either kitten milk or Energel (or equivalent) for your underweight elderly cats.
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this is a very good photoset but it is missing a very crucial cat, my lumpy baby flora
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backseatpilot, I very much want to see stupid cat and murder cat!
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Doppler (stupid cat, tux) and Max (murder cat, black)

Pippa the poor long-suffering dog that keeps getting her dinner stolen
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Those poor kitties. They're cute and all, but damn. My vet would give me a talking-to if I let a pet get so unhealthy. :(

(The old dogs are adorable, though!)
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I call foul! There is a cat in the lineup that is neither fat nor fluffy!
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My Hennesey's up another pound since I made this post, he's 23 lbs. now, but nearly all of that is muscle mass. If he wanted to, he could have a fair go at tackling me to the floor. He's only ever tried it once, and I know now that if he waits for me at the top of the staircase, pettings are mandatory.
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I want to rub my face on that fluffy belly.
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I want to rub my face on that fluffy belly.

I am not a Cat Expert, but I advise against this. Reflect.
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Aww, such cute diabetes and heart problems. Just like us! ;-)
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After years of General Ackbar cats, I now have not one, but two cats who love the belly rubs. Aurora is the welcoming committee; if you come to the house, she will greet you near the door and will happily accept your adoration. Squeaks is very chatty, loves to sit by faucets and hope you'll turn it on so he can drink.
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My cat is far too slim to post in this thread. That makes me sad. I will look at pictures of fat cats to feel better.
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Your cat is a fat cat at heart, BuddhaInABucket, and therefore belongs in this thread.
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You won't hear me argue! Zzyzx loves chair.
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look at these magnificent loaves
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If you play the Dragnet theme and scroll slowly, it turns into a real rogues' gallery.
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Pretty sure these cats make the rockin' world go round.
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Mogett, your Aurora is like a real-life B. Kliban cartoon, and the pics of her and Squeaks made me smile during what has been a shitty week, so thanks for that.

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These are very stately kittehs.
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Thank you for this post, it is pleasing to me. I have put my cat's stomach online for your viewing pleasure.
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Here is our neighborhood fat cat, George, pictured next to 30-lb 2-year-old child. Is George larger than the toddler? I think the fluff gives him an advantage, volume-wise. This is not our cat, and I am honestly not sure who the owner is, but he's a regular visitor around our house. He has no dignity and will lie directly in a wet gutter if he thinks a belly rub is a possibility.

We've had a rough couple of months with kitties in our house. Old man Romeo was the only cat in the house when we were suddenly offered two tiny 6-week-old kittens straight off the street. Moose and Squirrel were not very healthy, and Moose passed within the first week. Squirrel seemed so tiny and alone that we immediately adopted a second kitten from a local rescue to be his big brother. But five weeks later, the new kitty passed suddenly (probably FIP). I was heartsick, and so hesitant about bringing yet another kitty into the house. But I talked to the rescue and ended up looking at their adoption page and found Rocky. Rocky! Squirrel! It seemed like fate, especially as they are both gray tabbies and about a month apart in age. We've just passed that 5-week mark and they have fully adopted each other as brothers. They spend the whole day and night chasing and wrestling all over the house. Squirrel is healthy and strong now at 5 months old. I'm hoping these two grow up to be fat cats sleeping in the sun together.
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For the love of science, can we get the W3C or someone to properly ban pointlessly huge side-scrolling in pages? I looked at about 4 of the cats before I gave up. I hate pointless side-scrolling almost as much as I hate ads.
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