Something to do with drawing close
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Laurie Scheck's "Dostoevsky’s Empathy" and Maria R. Bloshteyn's "Rage and Revolt: Dostoevsky and Three African-American Writers": two engaging articles made available online this week to commemorate Dostoevsky's birthday.
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I've been thinking, actually, that I need to re-read Brothers Karamazov soon...
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I should re-read The Devils.. I just need to find a russian bookstore in Manhattan..
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Every time I read Dostoevsky feel like I've just been thrown hard against the wall of a large building. Profound impact, but a sense that I'm not even beginning to understand the complexity of what I just bounced off of.
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At a late adolescent age, a teacher, likely in a fit of desperation, threw me a copy of Dostoevsky to distract me. It was Crime and Punishment, and it was mind blowing. A religious experience even. Readers, no kidding, the dude kickstarted a ravenous several years of heavy reading habit.

Scheck's article is great. Might have to see if it persuades the resistant in my circles.
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