festival international de louisiane
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festival international de louisiane - festival international is an incredibly good free, outdoor music festival held in lafayette, louisiana at the end of april. the bands are from all over the globe and generally of some french influence but not always. i make the pilgrimage back home every year, as do many of the people i know. what festival type thingys take place in your part of the world that you think are worth travelling to see? i'm just curious b/c i think this could quite possibly be one of the best overall events going on these days, but... i could be wrong.
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Bois Sec Ardoin and Don's Crawfish Fettucine... I think this coonass'll be headed home for this one, maybe. Haven't been to Festival in way too long. Last time I was there, I saw Buddy Guy playing in the rain. He had a wireless mic and guitar setup, but the rest of his band didn't. They grounded out painfully all afternoon. Good times...
posted by shecky57 at 10:41 PM on April 13, 2002

Festival: Reggae on the River Festival. Eel river, the redwoods, Humboldt county California.Nuff said...
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Spoleto Festival USA. Since 1977, a delightful 17-day arts fest - music, dance, theatre, jazz, chamber music. There's a companion festival, Piccolo Spoleto, with street performances and all kinds of Keen Stuff. Of course, the fact that it takes place in my beloved city, in a beautiful, balmy and historic setting, doesn't hurt. :)
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i was there, in the rain for buddy buy too. lotsa fun.
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