Hope on a napkin
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Each day, Meaghan Elderkin draws a different feminist hero on a napkin — along with one of her famous quotes — and tucks it deep within her 4th-grader’s lunchbox.
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I put a note in my kid's lunchbox every day, too, with some kind of message and a drawing. Sometimes I use the notes for practical reminders of things that are happening that day, sometimes for more weighty stuff, sometimes just to be silly. My only rule for myself is that I actually put some thought into it, rather than just writing "love you!" or something.

She's 6, so not embarrassed by them yet. When she starts being embarrassed, it'll probably be because of the artwork. I am... not an artist.
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My mom does these drawings, which is nice of her, but she's not good enough to do proper Disney princesses.
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Maybe it's time for me and my wife to switch from drawing Pokémon to something more inspirational. Perhaps we'll transition as our son gets through Kindergarten.
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Love it!

Hopefully Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin will appear on a napkin soon!
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This is lovely!
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I saw her on Pantsuit Nation! So cool she's getting a wider audience.
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