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Rebecca Solnit, perhaps most famous for honing in on the phenomenon of "mansplaining," is offering her book on activism Hope in the Dark for free.
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Thank you. Looking forward to reading it.
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I've been reading it for a few days now. It has, in fact, given me hope.

The New Jim Crow Organizer's Guide is also only $1 on Amazon right now.
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I've been reading this and avoiding Twitter/news sites/political podcasts like the plague, and it has helped. Some of it has dated (uh-oh, Hugo Chavez...) but it's bristling with ideas and heart.
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Phew. I almost bought it yesterday. (Not that it would've been a waste of money by any stretch, but ... my budget only allows for a select few at the moment.)
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She is so brilliant and wonderful. I love her.
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Can also recommend her compendium of essays from a few years ago, Storming the Gates of Paradise. I started reading it a few days before the election and while some of the essays are several years old now (ie mid-90s), much of what she says really holds up. One 1995 essay in particular on the nowhere and everywhere-ness of Silicon Valley and the dystopian promise of being connected everywhere without actually having to leave your house and talk to people feels so prescient with recent chatter of filter/algorithm bubbles.
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Downloaded. Thank you.
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Solnit had a talk with Christopher Hawthorne (LA Times architecture critic) at the LAPL last week as part of the ALOUD series, available here.
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Thank you! I really love Rebecca Solnit's work and I haven't read this one yet.
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Has the offer passed? I'm not seeing it.
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Looks like it's at $5.99 now.
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