US State Abbrevs.
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A Gary Gulman comedy routine [YT] recommended by Patton Oswalt [FB] touches on the history of US state abbreviations [PDF], first defined in 1831 [Int. Arch.], occasionally [ibid.] revised [PDF], and finally reduced to two letters each soon after the introduction of Zone Improvement Plan codes [Flash/MP4].
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Rocking side to side is almost unforgivable for a stage performer. I like Oswalt, but he knows damn well bits like this came before Martin and Williams changed stand-up. I relished Seriously Funny that describes that world, and it's the tip of an iceberg for even a small gathering of professionals and amateurs might reference. For instance (and contrastively) Bob Newhart for the pace of delivery which (in my opinion) Gulman rushes a bit, and as I say, the rocking. The pace seems less attributable to a purposeful style/delivery/persona than having memorized a piece. If I close my eyes, it feels like a writer's efforts over a performer's.

That said, Dottie made me grin from ear to ear, despite Gulman's minimal gesture and its 50s call back to sex shaming. It's a very powerful reference to me...outside the home for reasons other than war, salaried and opinionated. It's the beginning of dual-incomes and all that's Mary Tyler Moore and beyond.

It's a great piece.
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Not a contractor, a contractor.
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My partner and I watched his special on Netflix last night on the strength of this piece. The Trader Joe's bit is worth the price of admission.
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Double contractions

Triple contractions

And the Holy Grail... y'all'dn't've
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The uploader has not made this video available in my country.
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The uploader has not made this video available in my country.


I know, right? Two years ago, or less? The inevitable commercial appropriation of the web via licensing-- commodity hardware a golden age before thin, licensed appliances. I'm sorry, your server hasn't been registered and compromises vital systems latency.
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Also Augh! This is doubly irritating because the last episode of Last Week Tonight was also region blocked for some reason (every other episode is available in Canada). I real hope this doesn't become the default.
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Fellow Canadians, rejoice! For I have found a working link.
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Sky comma!
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Aw, that was cute.

I use y'all're ALL the time.
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