The Little Gray Wolf Will Come
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Inside the world of the greatest living animator and the masterpiece he knows he may never finish
Cinephiles of Moscow, your evening’s entertainment: Yuri Norstein, 74, white-bearded, small, stout, urbane, rumpled, and mischievous. Sitting in front of a pale gold curtain, with a bump on his nose the size of a pistachio shell. Considered by many to be a great, if tragically self-defeating, Russian artist. Considered by many to be the finest animator in the world.
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For anyone unfamiliar with Norstein's films, here are links to Hedgehog in the Fog and Tale of Tales mentioned in the article. Definitely worth watching for animation fans, or pretty much anyone who likes a good short film.
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I enjoy pretty much anything Brian Phillips writes about. Except when he's mean about my soccer team. That is how I discovered him, though, as the voice of Run of Play, an excellent soccer blog.

By and large the things he's tackled at Grantland and MTV have been both educational and amazing. This is no exception.
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As soon as I saw it mentioned near the start of the piece, I looked up the Weary Sun Tango on youtube. I highly recommend it as background music for this article.
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That was a really good read. Now I must watch the videos. I love this little man, and I love that The Overcoat belongs to him, and he can finish it as he pleases, or not. Like Jay Smooth has said of Lauryn Hill, artists are not vending machines that you can shake until your hohos come out.
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