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Since we all know that the day after Thanksgiving is Math Friday, and we all need to know matrix multiplication for our everyday lives, it's perfect that we now have this lovely tool.
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Okay, that "lovely tool" is REALLY nice. Thanks for posting.
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Man, I needed that lovely tool back in high school calculus or whichever you learn this in. For whatever reason I just could not visualize matrix multiplication very well at all and it limited my advancement (or possibly simply discouraged me) in vector and diffeq.

Watching that thing go a couple of times just made the whole thing click in my brain here almost fifteen years later.
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Wow. I made it pretty far in math in high school. enough to where in college, I could just opt out. I only very vaguely remember matrices, but I defnitely remember not liking them. But with the tool, I just get it now. It makes sense. I'm a HUGE proponent for visual or physical representation for math concepts, it makes it real
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I strongly recommend 3blue1brown's video series on linear algebra if you want to get a visual intuition for why matrix multiplication (and much more) is the way it is. Previously (but since completed)
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It's very different from the pencil-and-paper method I learned in school. I'm not convinced it's really practical on paper- just transposing a matrix is kind of a huge pain to do by hand. The method of "dot-producting" the rows and columns from the first link was closest to what I learned. This page has a handy animation of where to put your fingers (very helpful).

You can also arrange your matrices like so, which makes it super obvious where each element of the final matrix (the xs) comes from (I'm pretty sure I'm doing this right, it's been a while...)
     1 2
     4 5
0 1  x x
2 3  x x

         1          2
         4          5
0 1  0(1)+1(4)  0(2)+1(5)
2 3  2(1)+3(4)  2(2)+3(5)

4  5
14 19
Matrix multiplication is much less fun than linear algebra, which is awesome and you should watch this video series.
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jinx, Jpfed!
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There's also this matrix calculation website which is a little less user-friendly but has other useful operations, and shows step-by-step procedures.
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Had Microsoft not made the decision to drop BASIC's MAT commands from their micro versions, and then omit them from their version of the language from then on, we'd be all so-what about matrix manipulation tools. There are a few implementations of ANSI BASIC that kept the faith, though.
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For some reason, facebook is blocking my attempt to post that last link.
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I have to remind myself of this about once a year
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Nobody's made the obvious xkcd reference yet!
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For years I've been referring to Matrix multiplication: an interactive micro-course for beginners. Apparently I multiply matrixes by hand so rarely that I am perpetually a beginner.

It doesn't do the calculations for you; it's just a reminder of how the arithmetic works.
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