Time spent with cats is never wasted
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A cat’s sandpapery tongue is actually a magical detangling hairbrush (WaPo)…you may be wondering why cat grooming mechanics matter. There are two big reasons: First, it might add insight to the field of soft robotics, which, among other things, is about making robots that can move through small spaces for search-and-rescue missions or surgeries. Second, it might help make a better brush that, Noel said, could herald “new ways to clean deeply embedded dirt in your carpet to wound cleaning advances in the medical field.” (alternate link for non-subscribers, lacks video of cat licking a blanket)
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You'd think if magic was involved, thousands of years of tedious evolution could have been avoided.
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It makes sense that the entropy their tongues reverse is balanced by the impossible-to-clean balls of fluff that float around the house.
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I believe what that cat is licking in the video is a scarf. Depending on how obsessive the cat is (or maybe how may times the video has been watched?) I believe you might be right and that used to be a blanket.*

Watching cats groom and birds preen is fascinating.

*former owner of a rag chewer/licker
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Do cat tongues get worn down over time? My kitten's tongue is noticeably rougher than my 15 year old's. Or is that just some genetic variation?
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Cat's tongues are also excellent for removing skin from flesh. Personal experience.

The cat in question.

Do cat tongues get worn down over time?

They are made of keratin - so I assume they are like cat claws and continuously grown throughout their entire lives.
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srboisvert, that is a Most Excellent Cat
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My cat Clio is most happy when she is trying to flay the flesh from my arm with her tongue while purring madly.
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Despite common wisdom, the tongue that carries this out is not like sandpaper at all,

Ok, but no one really thought a cat tongue was like sandpaper in any real way, did they? It feels sort of like sandpaper, but that's it. I had no idea it was all keratin! I am going to work extra super hard at not examining my cats' tongues today.
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I swear I remember some Fun Facts book from the Scholastic Book Club that had this factoid in it.
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I am amused (and somewhat disturbed) to find the original presentation was part of a session titled "Disgust: The Fluid Dynamics of the Gross."
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Just ask the dog How the cat tongue feels...
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