Hayden James Makes House Music
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Aussie Hayden James makes extra awesome house music, if you're into that kind of thing. See Permission to Love, in all of its 8-bit glory. Also listen with your ears to Something About You and (my favorite) Just a Lover.
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I did enjoy the fact that the Permission to Love video is almost exclusively footage of the original Leisure Suit Larry PC game from the 80's.. seems like a full playthrough mostly.
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You could totally just google this stuff, but to save folks a few moments, here's his website, his Soundcloud account with a ton of tracks and a few half hour long mixes, his Wikipedia page that is currently pretty thin, and his profile on Discogs, plus his Bandcamp account with his self-titled debut EP, two singles and a set of remixes.

If you want more of his kind of music, check out his label, Future Classic. I love love love Touch Sensitive's "Pizza Guy", to pick another track from the label's great roster. (See also: their Bandcamp account, which serves as a hub to connect you to artist-specific Bandcamp accounts.)
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Big fan of Hayden James. I do think ODESZA's remix of Something About You is the better version of the song. A bit of bias. For me, feminine lyrics is super soothing while you have the drum and bass pounding in the background.

Another electronic project from Future Classic is Flight Facilities. I recommend everything by them.
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I wish people would stop using '8-bit' as lazy shorthand for 'old computer stuff'. That video isn't what 8- bit games looked like.
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Thank you! I'm an old house fan. Hayden James reminds me a bit of The Avener ("Panama" is one of my favorites.

James is excellent. On my playlist and in support I'll likely buy some tracks. LOVE IT!
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I was thinking "yeah, gotta be Leisure Suit Larry," but couldn't stop thinking of Hugo's House of Horrors. Anyway I'm not a fan of house and this was fantastic.
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VERY nice! Thanks.
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