Hacked Palestinian Sites Play Long Flash Movie of Pro-Israel Images

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Hacked Palestinian Sites Play Long Flash Movie of Pro-Israel Images
Alnakba.com, a political site, is here. It and alquds.com, a newspaper's site, are hosted by Intertech, a PA ISP. I've also found at least one other Intertech site that has been defaced (1, 2). The Flash file includes a list of names of Israeli citizens killed by Palestinians. At the end, the author has placed a link to his e-mail, "dannyzion@matavtv.net." In the source, the hacker identifies as "Hacked By shmaya / Israeli Operation Force. email- shmaya@shmaya.org.il."
    The movie is displayed though a single frame whose source is here. That site points to a message board. A mirror of Alquds is here.
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The war comes to the internet. It's a quality hack
posted by MaddCutty at 8:49 PM on April 15, 2002

Jane's IR article on Al-Aqsa cyber-skirmishes: old, but interesting. Is there any way to find out how long these hacks have been up? Many more PA sites are down too. How does one find out about connectivity in the PA during the incursion.
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You all might be interesed in the Alldas web site defacement archive (very slow, often down), which keeps records of such things. It doesn't have these recent attacks yet that I can see, but I suspect they will be there soon.

The "political" attacks are usually script kiddies too, just like the tagging attacks. Frankly, I think it should be ignored, and admins should learn how to patch.
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What is this, attrition.org? (Yes I know they took the mirror down)
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