What is the Minimum Viable Citizen?
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What level of competency is it ethically acceptable for a corporation to expect from the public? We live in a world where technology is growing at an unimaginable pace. Things that seemed miraculous a decade ago are trivially commonplace now. But as technology progresses, our society becomes more complex. The cost of using these technologies is rarely zero. They all depend on some element of learning. They all hold some basic expectations on their users... So what makes for a minimum viable citizen? What expectation of peoples’ ability is it reasonable to hold?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: The problem described is interesting but the article is full of prime fight-starting material and doesn't really offer any useful suggestions as an answer to the question, seems like a recipe for a lot of heat and little light. -- LobsterMitten

Oh god, the libertarian triteness of this is sickening. But the most insulting bit was this:

If we insist on 100% accessibility and inclusion for everyone, we’ll end up with a stagnant society that can never innovate.

No, actually the opposite winds up happening - the more people included, the more people are able to innovate.
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Any definition of citizenship that expects people to be able to perform the simplest computer tasks is going to disenfranchise millions. People in developed countries have worse computer literacy than you think.
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