Peace, love, unity, respect, and rave with Kutski
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DJ Kutski is keeping the rave alive via podcast mixes, "representing 360 degrees of the harder styles of dance music," an hour at a time. He's up to 244 episodes, and if you check out a few, you'll quickly notice a pattern in the shows. They generally feature a mix of old and new tracks, a cheeky check to see "does it sound good at 170 BPM", a bit of sample mania, and a guest mini-mix from such names as Dune and Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo from the living history of the scenes, with folks like Sound Rush and AniMe representing the new generation. PLUR!

If you prefer, you can browse KTRA directly on Mixcloud, and he has a separate account for older mixes. He has also posted a mix of live videos and KTRA episodes on YouTube. And you can find more Kutski on Soundcloud, where he has a selection of his own production.
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Sometimes it's a lot of relentless hardstyle, but there's still a lot of oldskool cheese and piano rave and other styles that make me oh so happy.
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Oh my god there's so much here. I can't wait to dig in, thanks!
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Dance, dance - revolution!

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