Every country in the world (part one)
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Learn a little bit about half the world's countries in fifteen minutes.

My favourite? Because Ecuador is split by the equator, the country experiences summer and winter at the same time (seems so simple, it just never occurred to me).
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That's interesting that Finland and Sweden readjusted their border to accommodate a lighthouse. About this time last year I wrote this post about Norway slightly adjusting it's border as a 100th birthday present for Finland, effectively giving them a mountain.

Well I just checked on the progress of that plan and they're not going ahead with it. I'm a little heartbroken Norway, that would have been the most epic gift ever! You should learn from Sweden's example. Finland built a lighthouse on their territory so they just drew a line around it. No big deal.
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Is there a reason he didn't count Papua New Guinea as a country with 'Guinea' in it's title?

Also, Kiribati is not pronounced as it is written, it sounds more like ki-ri-bahss.
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I was wondering about Papua new guinea, too! I thought maybe he just meant iv Africa. Also I believe lichtenstein is double land locked, as well.
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"the Polish side of this island, despite being only 200 feet from mainland Poland, is not connected by any bridges to Poland, so (...) residents have to cross international borders to get to their own country."

I'd use one of the two ferries, free of charge, but what do I know, I'm not a cool youtuber with access to the world's knowledge at my fingertips.
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I liked this, but the heavy focus on odd borders (à la CGP Grey) or popular "fun facts" made this slightly less impressive than if I'd learned something new about these countries. :/
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I would have appreciated some cultural tidbits instead of world-fact-book type stuff and colonial histories. Although... am I the only one that found that comment about Israel being much more European than those Muslim neighbors oddly jarring.
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Lichtenstein Luxembourg borders France, whose mainland has borders on the Coast of the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean, as well as having parts surrounded by both the Indian (Reunion Island), and Pacific (Tahiti) Oceans. Parts of France are also in South American AND North America, meaning France can be found in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. Until quite recently, you could have also been in Asia, and still be said to be in France as well.
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And I'm totally wrong about Lichtenstein, I'm thinking Luxembourg, but I'm keeping it for the France facts (which you may find fault in - DO YOUR BEST!)

Although is Liechtenstein a country?
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PROPER NOUNS IN SCRABBLE? I literally couldn't keep watching after that.
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That's what I came here to post about too, deadcrow!

It's good to see that Mefites have our priorities straight :)
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Not sure what that are talking about, regarding a UN headquarters in Belgium. Lots of international agencies here, but only a small UN office.
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The obscurantist in me loved that Uzbekistan is the only stan country in the world to be completely surrounded by Stan countries (countries that end in stan).
Stan means a Muslim Kingdom ?.
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Wait...China plans to build a high-speed passenger rail to the US?
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Stan means a Muslim Kingdom?

That would be news to Hindustan (India).
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The obscurantist in me loved that Uzbekistan is the only stan country in the world to be completely surrounded by Stan countries (countries that end in stan).

And is double landlocked.

That's right.

Landlocked by countries that are landlocked.


Second in security only to Switzerland, with its thousands of explodable bridges!

Also apparently stan means place!
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Estádio Milton Corrêa is a football stadium in Brazil where one goal is in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern.
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