It’s an unruly mess, but what else could it be?
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In 2013 Leath Tonino traveled the length of Vermont from Massachusetts to Québec via various modes of locomotion. Seven Lengths of Vermont: hike, hitch, ski, bike, paddle, swim, flight.
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From the "swim" link - the author is choosing a boogie board to assist him in his endeavor:

"I try to imagine her as a floating island, a slab of portable terra foama bobbing in the vastness of our nation’s sixth-largest lake."
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Back in Vermont, people tell me I’m crazy, that I’ll surely get run over by a drunk boater or bopped on the head by a water skier, and that, best-case scenario, I’ll end up a freaky, prune-y mess.

I usually go for the best-case scenario. Has nothing to do with swimming in Champlain.
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Once did a drive away from Seattle to DC, just for fun. At that time they paid for gas so not a free trip but close. But at the last minute they sent me on a plane to pick up in Spokane. Then on the way back took the train across Canada, a dream, Amtrack to Toronto was a horror. Then the ferry (actually a Steam Ship!) from Victoria back to Seattle. Best trip ever.

Plane, Train, Automobile, subway, bit of hitching, bus, SteamShip!
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Well the paddling one was really awesome; a lovely meditation on being and being together. Looks like I'm in for seven.
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His voice had barbed wire in it. Cinderblocks, too.

Thanks, jessamyn, I enjoyed this series a lot.
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Working through these; I miss Vermont a lot.
I was thinking 'this guy writes like he works for Seven Days', then I got to the bike one. I knew I'd read this before somewhere, probably in print (believe it or not).
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