A Hopkins Family Christmas
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The Hopkins family has been sending out a digital Christmas card for the last 13 years. And they've only got better with time.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Eh, yeah, I appreciate the basic intent here but there's kinda a streak of not-great LOL REDNECKS vibe in the series that's hard to decipher without context and probably not grounds for doing all that for some random jokey family christmas pics. -- cortex

First someone mentioned fondue in a post, now this? 70's revival threat level: elevated
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Those two really don't like poor people, huh?
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Ewwww, some of these are really not okay. I'm cool with the faux 70s ones but the one with I Beat Anorexia and a fat suit? And the repeated white trash theme? Nope.
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I get the feeling they are quite sure they're better than you. Most of these make me sad. Some people are poor, missing teeth or can't afford braces, dress differently, like to bowl. Those all seem like good reasons to point and laugh to me.
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I have half a dozen creative type friends that have been doing this for years, without the playing on redneck stereotypes. What makes these people worthy of a FPP?

(also did anyone else feel a little sad that one child has health issues, but the pregnancy card was her drinking and smoking?)
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Agreed that these were pretty un-funny, overall, and a not terribly original take on the trope.
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TL;DR: These have not gotten better with time.
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So, to be fair the Hopkins' (A) some of the biggest consumers of trailer-park themed humor I've seen are the communities in Northern Arkansas, Southern Missouri that the rural poor of my family hail from and (B) I think the dad legitimately has bad teeth hence that inspires a lot of the choices in these cards. I mean, I guess this type of thing isn't my bag either, but, you don't know them? Maybe they're poor scots-irish from Paducah KY and they can laugh at themselves or maybe their snobbish assholes from Napa Valley, but you don't know and don't have to judge them so harshly?
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I'll admit I laughed at the chest hair glued on the baby.

Is that so wrong?
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I'm pretty sure the plural of Hopkins isn't Hopkins.
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It's Hopskins
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