Hopefully Fox Won't Take This One Down
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These are amaze. If you want a smaller dose before committing to a couple of hours of awesome, I'd recommend starting with the bite-sized trailer for Star Storm: The Destruction of Father.
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These are well worth the time, if you're on the fence. Why do you awaken me without skin??? was what sold me on it.
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Fox Disney
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otherchaz: Actually, the Laser Moon Awakens takedown was by Fox, which holds the rights to the first six movies until 2020, except Episode IV, which it will own until the entropic heat-death of the universe. This necessitated the Auralnauts Rebel Alliance channel. Then the takedown was reversed... and then they took down the Rebel Alliance backup.
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I can't think of Phantom Menace without thinking of Auralnauts now. If the plot isn't Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon scoring some sweet sweet midichlorians, I don't wanna know. These have been cracking us up for over a year, and I am so delighted they're still growing strong.

There might be a somewhat broken C3PO in the house, superglued to a piece of gold perspex that says "SINGULARITY!" on it. And a FLESH! t-shirt. And my ringtone may or may not be "Baby Time".

And don't forget Kylo Ren Outtakes - with "Hi! What happened to your face?"
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I'd recommend starting with the bite-sized trailer

Thank you for the nudge! I'm all in.

Thank you for posting this, BiggerJ. You have no idea how much I needed this.
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They had me at

We have the highest midichloriann count
Which means that you have a lesser amount

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I saw Laser Moon Awakens at XOXO this year having not seen any of this previously and it killed me and basically everybody in the audience. Really, really wonderful. And then damnably I forgot about it until I saw this last night, and watched the first three with my wife and oh my gosh yes. It's really wonderful.
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VH1 Classic.
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This is amazing. Thanks for posting BiggerJ!
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When I first started watching these, I couldn't listen to anything Creepio said without collapsing in the giggles. He's the best. He's my friend. He's Friend Besto.

These versions of the prequels are way better than the actual prequels. Why *wasn't* Depeche Mode playing in the background when Anakin was weeping? Come on, it's perfect!

"I have no regrets about cloning my arch-nemesis! You guys are the best!"

And even Ep. IV and V make more sense in some ways than the real versions, especially if you watch Ep. iV and V in the context of the prequels. Why *didn't* Vader say "this makes no sense, Obi-Wan! You look, like, 85 years old! Aren't you supposed to be only 15 years older than me?"
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"Midichlorians, Duke. MIDICHLORIANS!" Makes Obi-Wan and Yoda so pathetic. Glorious.

The "Spine spine spine" song from 10 Ways to Improve Transformers: Age of Extinction makes me laugh every time.

Also, the Legolas Kill Count may be the best analysis of the Jackson Lord of the Ring movies. Combo! Double combo! TRIPLE COMBO!
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What happened to their After Earth Shamalyan commentary? That was hilarious, but I'm not seeing it on their channel.
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And don't forget Kylo Ren Outtakes

Well, that's just great. I laugh-snorted so hard at Santa that I think I have a piece of French fry lodged in my left sinus cavity.
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Some of these Star Wars parody videos have been online for more than three years, with millions of views. How have they avoided a takedown? I mean I'd argue it's fair use, but that's an argument creators usually lose on YouTube. Did they agree to share ad revenue? Part of me has some hope the corporate overlords at Fox or Disney or whatever secretly like their work.
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FartToo-DeeToo... uh... what am I missing here?
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Star Wars saved in editing once again.
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I had forgotten how bad the prequels looked until I watched these. I mean bad bad.

These made me laugh convulsively. Very good stuff!
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This reminds me of "Wizard People, Dear Reader " (most recent Previously), as something you didn't know you needed until you heard it -- and now it's kind of indispensable.
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I am oddly moved by Dad Vader in Ep. 4
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OMG, "Laser Moon Awakens" just got taken down!!!!

And I was only halfway through it! Noooooooo!!!
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A+ use of Vangelis in the Phantom Past opening.
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Episode 4: Laser Moon Awakens is still available up on Vimeo.
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