Time to put your feet up
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... and get settled in with Longread's best stories of 2016.
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Ooof. The "Last Men Standing" story is such a gut punch. Tearing up. Thanks for the post. Off to send a lot to my kindle.
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I came to say the same thing about "Last Men Standing". My uncle moved to San Francisco in the early 80s and found himself living in the apocalypse. After his studies he moved back to Iceland. He avoided getting infected, but the experience never left him. As for those who did become infected and survived, I can only imagine what it's like living that long with death always present in your peripheral vision.
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While I've read many of these thanks to them being posted here (good thing or I'd need a day), I just read Grieving in America, Rebuilding in Nigeria and it is extraordinary.
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So many interesting picks!
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Just in time for a week of long plane rides and sitting around not talking to in laws, thanks!

I also have caught a number of these this year. I remember being floored by They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals. Duterte, what a fucking monster.
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There goes any motivation I had to be productive this weekend.
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Thanks for putting this up carter. A nice collection to leaf through.
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