Ranking the Most Popular Writers & Media Sites on the Internet
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Priceonomics and Digg combined to find out which websites and authors appeared most often on Digg's front page between 2013 and 2016.
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FWIW, the original Digg died in 2010 -- the current incarnation is based on selections from an editorial staff, not user-submitted links, and front-page stories there rarely garner more than 20-30 upvotes. This analysis would be more interesting to see from Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
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True there were no editors back in its heyday, but circa 2009, 2010 some news sites (particularly tech news sites) were paying high-ranked digg users to vote their stories onto the front page. It was pay-to-play curation.
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TIL Digg is still a website
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Is there a connection between free or fairly free access to top sites and much more limited access to less read sites?
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Well, I use Digg's RSS Reader (which has turned into the best surviving RSS service for me since Google Reader had its beating heart torn from it), so nobody curates my Digg but me. Of course, there is no real 'discovery' involved unless one site I'm following links to another one that makes me think "maybe I should follow this too"... which has allowed my RSS feeds collection to grow to the mid-three-digits.
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TIL Digg is still a website

I'm waiting for the lists from delicio.us and memepool
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For what it's worth, I quite like their linkblogging and the fact that this pretty old-school approach to the internet seems to be commercially viable. Those statistics are pretty cute but not too surprising for someone who actually visits their site a couple of times.
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Ranking the Most Popular Writers & Media Sites on the 1532nd Most Popular Site on the Internet

FTFY, Digg.
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