Get thee (and thy dog) to the airport
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First, pet tax. Tomorrow my dog and I fly home for the holidays! Only problem: I don't have a car, and my dog's crate is a big one (30" x 27" x 40").

Uber recommends requesting a ride, then calling the driver and asking if they're willing to take a dog. If the driver declines, cancel the ride and try again. This is my plan A as of now. I'm in the Twin Cities, leaving for the airport in the afternoon, so hopefully there will be a fair number of drivers working. My only concern is that the crate can't fit into a small car, so I'm going to have to find a driver who is willing to take a dog, and who also happens to have a larger car. For those with more Uber experience than I, what are the odds of finding this unicorn driver? I'm worried about cancelling the Uber too many times and causing a positive feedback loop, where my rider rating keeps getting worse and no one wants to pick me up, I miss the plane, am disowned by my family, etc. etc. etc. What would be a good plan B? Is there a particular kind of taxi service I should be looking for?

In case it wasn't obvious, I'm super nervous about traveling with my dog! Crate training's gone really well, and I feel confident that the dog will come through like a champ, but I am a nervous wreck.
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Methinks perchance this is supposed to be in Ask.
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I have travel issues with my 85 pound mound of cuddle as well, but this is a thin post. Probably should be in ask.
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Cabs still exist! Call a cab service and request a van. Call them right now and book it ahead of time.

It'll be OK!
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Doh! Sorry Mods!
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