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The Early Sports and Pop Culture History Blog discusses the history and etymology of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ nickname in The Grim Reality of the “Trolley Dodgers”. Don't miss the link to Jeff B's A Trip Down Market Street 1906 With Street Sounds with its first-person view from a trolley in San Francisco, filmed days before the famous earthquake of 1906.
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The trolley video in San Francisco is cool. My grandfather was living there at the time. It always amazes me how much change he saw in his lifetime. He passed in 1994.
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Oh, perspective: He became a draftsman and designer, and was designing GM car esthetics in the 1950s and retired around 1963.
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My great-grandmother's sister was struck and killed by a trolley in Pittsburgh about 100 years ago; family lore held that "she never heard it coming". This article made the perils of living amid changing transportation modes quite vivid, thank you for posting it.
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Fun bit of trivia...Dodger Stadium, opened in 1962, is the third oldest stadium in the MLB, after Fenway (1912) and Wrigley (1914).
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