A murder of dancers and crows
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French dancer Marie-Laure Agrapart performs beautifully choreographed routines that most notably involve her dance partner, an exceptionally trained black crow.

If you like that video then you’ll enjoy this number, though it may not be safe for work since Agrapart is topless and wearing body paint. Watch all 16 minutes of it to also see Agrapart and her fellow performers dancing with more crows and other birds of all kinds.

Round out your viewing experience with a clip of women from the same troupe sharing a stage with swans. Want even more plumage? Here you go.

The man behind all this awesomeness is Luc Petton.
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I don't get the dancing, but I do like the crow.
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Really beautiful. I liked the little "treat pocket" integrated into her costume and her subtle movements to retrieve treats for the bird. Also, I was a little worried when the bird pooped on the stage (slipping hazard) but it didn't cause a problem.
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This is amazing. Thank you for posting.
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Misread as, "cow". I was really looking forward to dancing with said cow.
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Dancers' bodies are astonishing, as are the bodies of birds. Fascinating juxtaposition.

Also, even if I could dance I could never do this with my parrot. She would be unable to go that long without shredding something.
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This is honestly one of the most magical real things I've ever seen. Thank you.

As a ballet fan I would looove to see a ballet company or soloist do a version of Swan Lake with feathery friends, just to see if it could be done. Raven Lake!
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