Ba-Be-Bi-Bo-Bu, the Cuz's Anthem
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What song connects new-wave rock with American vaudeville and William Caxton, England's first printer and publisher? Why, it's Swingin' the Alphabet [text link], which was based on The Alphabet Song, otherwise called Ba-Be-Bi-Bo-Bu and The Cuz's Anthem.
Here it is performed by The Three Stooges, and by Oingo Boingo.

Bonus: Charles Wistar Stevens' College Song Book, including Ba Be Bi Bo Bu, and an abbreviated rendition by Dale from King of the Hill.
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Don't forget the Dale Gribble version:
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Um oops. Ignore me. You did remember Dale. Sorry for overlooking that.
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Forbidden Zone is not recommended viewing for general audiences. It has swell music.
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My husband taught this to our son when he was 5, which is the perfect age, particularly when he realized how gloriously it works for P.

[spoiler alert: Pee! and Poo! in the same song!]
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Hey, what about Gene Vincent's "Bi-I-Bickie-By-Bo-Bo-Go", which he has said was inspired by the Stooges version. (Incredible guitar break.)
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