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It's a Christmas F*cking Miracle: Run The Jewels Just Dropped 'RTJ 3' [Noisey] The long-awaited third album from Killer Mike [@killermike] and El-P [@therealelp] is here ahead of schedule. With Christmas Day minutes away on the East Coast, Run The Jewels [@runthejewels] have released their long-awaited third studio album, RTJ 3. It's a Christmas Fucking Miracle [YouTube].
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The RTJ site seems to be getting slammed right now, I haven't been able to connect since getting the email a few minutes ago.
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The Noisey article says their site went down as soon as the album went up on iTunes.
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Yaasss. Will listen to on way to/from in-laws tomorrow (assuming site's up by then).

Merry Christmas!/Happy Hanukkah!
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This album is siiiiiiiiiiiiiick so far, really enjoying it. Very lush, kaleidoscopic sound palette, looking forward to diving in further over the next week. Unexpected and unexpectedly fitting Christmas Eve music.

(Listening on Apple Music now with no problems, also no problem with download.)
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Its up on spotify already too.
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Here's the official direct download link, in case the site isn't working for you.
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kind of in awe how exponentially run the jewels have grown over three albums. each release feels so much more ambitious and forward thinking than the last, but they all have unique sonic identities thanks to El-P. His beats have always felt like rap music from the future. RTJ3 continually reminds me that the future is here already, and it's all around us.
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It's 7am here and I just wanted to go to bed right now, but I guess I'm staying up.
Pretty excited..
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And if the direct download link dies again - adding your address to their official store page gives you a direct download as well
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It's like they target my specific rap nerd sensibilities with everything they do. I mean, a feature by da baddest herself, Trina? This is going to monopolize my listening for a while.
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(also on Soulseek)
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2016 is redeemed. Yesssssssssssss.
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I've so needed this.
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I need my teef
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Their video announcement on Twitter was pretty funny
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This is a great fucking album.
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This is what I need to wash the taste of 2016 out of my mouth.
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This is really good. The development from the (amazing) last album is huge. I don't think it's as immediate in its impact as Run the Jewels 2, but it's funky and insidious in an entirely new way.
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Excellent. Looking forward to listening to this...
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I never really got into RTJ2 despite its production merits, but dang this is starting strong.
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“Run The Jewels 3 is available for free download,” Vlad Savov, The Verge, 26 December 2016
For a preview of what to expect from the new album, check out this interview with Killer Mike [Caution: Language].
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The development from the (amazing) last album is huge.

I think so too. The quality of the rapping is way up, and the occasional sparseness harkens back to the golden age of rap duos. And that sparseness makes the tracks with your typical El-P Bomb-Squad-on-mushrooms production stand out all the more. El-P did a Red Bull Music Academy lecture/interview thing back in 2013 where he mentioned (and this is very roughly paraphrased) the difficulty in saying "finished" when it comes to his solo stuff. As time dragged on between RTJ2 and RTJ3 I kept thinking of that quote, tracking Run The Jewels progression from a "mix tape", to a bonafide group with a full album and huge tours etc. So now RTJ is the thing, not the side thing. If it means RTJ4 drops in 2020, so be it ... but it better be ~80 minutes.
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