This Holiday Season…eh, screw it.
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In 2008 my mother called and told me since I was away at school, I wouldn’t be in the Christmas photo that year. She jokingly suggested I “sober up” and send out my own Christmas cards.
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Well at least him mom can rest assured that her son has never actually bought coke.
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The snowman cracks me up.
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i send out xmas ards every year, this year is fairly traditional, but last year was creepy angel demon baby.
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these are all awesome but the Santanic sacrifice is my favorite. now I need a candy cane dagger!
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Holy shit I've always harbored fantasies of this but whoa he destroys even my best ideas. Serious kudos.
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I just assumed the buzzfeed etc... screenshots were part of the series.
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Love the fuck 2016.
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