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2016 Year friends was a (sort of) monthly web series from some of the best young talent in British comedy. Now complete, the show was a labor of love created after the BBC failed to pick up the group's TV pilot People Time, which featured the sketch Sexy American Girls.
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Maybe everyone else is in a postprandial coma, but I loved that (Xmas spirit, or just Xmas spirits?)
"Get out of here you lousy boys" .. OK I'll go
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Sorry, as someone who loves British humor, I found this shockingly unfunny (note, only watched two of the monthlies before I gave up in boredom and irritation, reminded me of the worst bits of being a sophomore in college).
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Yeah, the Sexy American Girls skit was pretty cringe worthy and I say that as an American male that at least doesn't scare small children when he goes out in daylight.
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Sorry you two didn't like it. Not sure what you mean about scaring children though.
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I enjoyed it; I was very surprised to see it make The Guardian's Top 50 shows of the year, mind.

Also: I could listen to Liam Williams talk all the live long day. His Channel 4 shorts from a few years back are well worth a watch also.
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