The Wagon Queen Family Truckster.
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The Wagon Queen Family Truckster. "You think you hate it now, but wait till you drive it." Yes, indeed, it is a long way down that Holiday Road, but I know I am not the only one with fond kid memories of rambling around with the family in the back of one of these beauties. Nothing says sensible 70s American automobilia quite like a big V6 or V8 engine and wood panelling.
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Yikes. We saw America in this (even the salmony color is the same) back when it was still pretty new. I was just sprawling, squalling cargo. Maybe they strapped me to that handy rack. Later, I think we had this, or maybe a slightly later model, and in white.
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We had a 1976 Ford LTD when I was a kid - kind of a steely-blue color with a burgundy interior, I believe. My brother and I would get in through the front door, then dive over the seat backs, all the way to "way-far-in-the-back".

It was great for long trips, back before the seatbelt laws, hanging out in the back. We used it for a lot of camping trips, too. Lots and lots of cargo space - more than my Navajo has now, it seems.

Ahhh... the good old days...
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Nothing beat the Olds Vista Cruiser with the glass panel in the roof. But, as jazon notes, the rear-most seats in the Fords were neat if you were a kid.
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Ahh yes, the station wagon. I have a story that upsets my father everytime I tell it.

My family, all 4 of us at the time were vacationing in Colorado. I was about 10 at the time. I had been riding in the back along with a bit of luggage and stuff, so I was sitting on the metal floor of the thing. No carpeting back there. Well the floor started to get really hot, and my butt was hurting really bad. I tried to explain to my dad that something was wrong, but he wasn't wanting to hear from me at the time. Probably because he was tired of hearing my sister & I fight. But eventually it got to hurting so bad, and my complaining got so loud, he pulled off to the side of the road, most likely to yell at me, but he came around to the back and put his hand on the floor where I was sitting. Needless to say he pulled it away rather quickly, and apoligized to me. As it turns out, the muffler was really close to the bottom of the car and I was sitting right on top of it.

I love to pull this story out every now and again to get a little sympathy.
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This 1967 AMC Ambassador was my first car. The front seat folded down to make a bed with the back seat. It was great car for High School.
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Check out that Cadillac Vizon concept car. Now that's a station wagon I wouldn't mind tooling around in one bit.
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My wife refers to faux-wood-paneled wagons as "never-see-me-again" cars, meaning if I want her to go away for good all I have to do is buy one and bring it home for her.

The thought has, I admit, occasionally crossed my mind.
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