Cat Facts, meet Cat Objective Key Results
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A guide to giving your cats their annual performance review (Hackernoon) In order to help your cat grow, your feedback must be specific and actionable. By using the situation-behavior-impact (SBI) model, your cat will be able to understand the rationale behind your feedback. An example conversation might go: “Skittles, when I was sleeping and you jumped on the bed and meowed in my face at 4am, it woke me up and that made me feel angry and tired all day. One way you can have more positive impact is to STFU and sleep until at least 8am.”
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c.f. Managing Up.
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About as effective as most annual performance reviews, I'm sure.
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Dupe, unfortunately.
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Hm, just in the last hour my cat broke a plate by knocking it off the kitchen counter. That's going in his HR file for sure.
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From the comments:
My cat suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. If she thinks there is a deficit in the amount of attention she should be getting, there is going to be disorder.
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