Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling
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In Animal Sentience this year, Brian Key's "Why fish do not feel pain" provoked over 40 replies, including intriguing comments on tigerfish, rays and cichlids, mormyrids, invertebrates, plants, and robot fish but also comments written or co-authored by people who've been on the blue before: Lynne Sneddon (previously), Antonio Damasio (previously), and Culum Brown (previously). Less controversial threads of related interest include those on animal mourning and insect subjectivity.
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One of the articles asks "Is Cortex necessary" perhaps we should ask some people who know him?
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So much here! Thanks for the post!
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I've always found this take on the nature of consciousness fascinating and appealing, and much more forgiving to the idea of animal sentience(/consciousness) than is usually the case: Consciousness as Recursive, Spatio-Temporal Self-Location.
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Kind of disconcerting to see that insects might have some degree of sentience.
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