In some ways, the exact opposite of Dave Barry's year-end roundup
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Alan Bennett publishes excerpts from his diaries each year, and the 2016 review is available for online users now. Relive previous years: 2015, 2014, 2013. Note: moderate amount of swears, frank discussion of the news. Audio material included, but not compulsory.
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When I clicked the link in the post, I got a message that said I had to submit my e-mail address to get the whole article. After going to the main LRB website and clicking the link on the front page, I could see the entire text. Now everything's working fine. So if you get the same message as me, just click on the London Review of Books header and follow the link from there.
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That's odd, it worked in browser and on mobile for me. I wonder why. Thanks for the workaround!
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23 May. I don’t have much time for Moleskine notebooks and the snobbery of stationery. Quite risky too. Writers who make a fuss about their notebooks are halfway to thinking that their jottings are Literature and headed towards posterity.

Lovely. Just lovely.
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7 September. Ed Kemp rings, thoughtfully it seems to me, to say that his mother has died aged 91. She was the widow of Eric Kemp, my tutor at Exeter College and later bishop of Chichester, though I don’t recall meeting her in Oxford, but only in Chichester where, though she was the bishop’s wife, she enjoyed working as an usherette in the theatre and thus (I hope) scandalising that Trollopean place.

Thank you, blnkfrnk; this is delightful.
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As R. says, the 1980s was such a simple world and the villains so plain, whereas these days it’s the system itself that seems unshiftable.

That rings true. But then, I was only 12.
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24 June. The day after the referendum, I spend sitting at the kitchen table correcting the proofs of Keeping On Keeping On, finishing them before going to Yorkshire in despair. I imagine this must have been what Munich was like in 1938 – half the nation rejoicing at a supposed deliverance, the other stunned by the country’s self-serving cowardice. Well, we shall see.

So damn true here as well. We shall see, indeed.
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If you hit the back button and then click the link again it unlocks, or did for me.

Loved History Boys, this journal is delightful.
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