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BBC Radio 4 has served up five 45 minute programmes of high quality brain food. Where intelligent and informed people present shows exploring the topics of; Politics, Power, Population Demographics, Globalisation and Truthy-ness at the start of 2017. It's the Demography, Stupid!, David Willetts investigates how is population change transforming our world? (Wow! The problem with all those baby boomers.) Us Versus Them, John Harris examines the international rise of anti-elitist or 'populist' politics. (Including Trump and Farage.)

Nothing but the Truth - Are we really living in a post-truth world? Jo Fidgen investigates. (Fascinating!)

Fixing Globalisation - Jim O'Neill asks if new challenges mean an end to the era of globalisation.

Axis of Power - Gideon Rachman examines the changing balance of power in today's global politics.
All episodes are available for 1 year. Should be available outside UK.
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this sounds fascinating - thank you!

I wish we (aka the public) talked more about the importance of demography in history. The demographic collapse in western Europe after the black death was one of the most important events ever in European history - and had more effect on how people lived and how societies were organised than either the Renaissance, Enlightenment or the French Revolution. The sudden and rapid population increase in Britain after 1750 - which has never stopped - indicates how massive increases in economic productivity came first through economic reorgnisation and the move to fossil fuels, decades before steam power and automation brought the more classic image we have of the industrial revolution.

(I love historical demography!)
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Thanks for posting. This was perfectly timed for me as I was just looking for some insightful podcasting and have been wondering if anyone is attempting to pull together the threads of this modern moment.
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Available in convenient podcast form.
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