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Dr. Zandria Robinson writes in memory of her father. The article, a finalist for the National Magazine award, is part of her memoir-in-progress. Listen to Dr. Robinson read part of the work here.
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This is a glittering work.

"As a child, I read the Bible like I read all other books, hot with King James for thinking he could challenge me with his long-ass book, determined to show him I could read any book cover to cover. The old people at church always said there was magic in the Bible, and I tried to unlock it, sneaking and skipping to Revelations to see who was going to hell in the end."

Wow. I didn't know what excerpt to quote here, but for some reason this was the first one that made me say "Wow" out loud.
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This was gorgeous. Thank you.
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'Outside children' is such an evocative phrase. I can't remember where I last heard it but I do remember exactly what it means. Her daddy sounds as complicated and mysterious as my own. Here's to complicit daughters.
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