Scenic Simpsons
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An Instagram account dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful scenes, colours, sets and abstract compositions from The Simpsons.
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I think these are all from that one episode where William Eggleston guest-starred.
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The Simpsons has never been the most visually inventive show, but I've always liked their commitment to the bizarre pastel color palette. There are some good scenes in this insta.
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I love The Simpsons! I haven't watch The Simpsons in over ten years. I'm confused.
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these are so beautiful. i have an idea that right now the dominant aesthetic is a question of perfect curation and this is so well put together.
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This one g ave me vertigo.
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Man, I loved the Simpsons! And… yeah, I haven't watched the Simpsons in about a decade! I learned pretty quickly that I was not missing anything, which is the worst part, given that for a few bright shining years it was perhaps the highlight of American broadcast TV.

It's telling that basically all of those images are from Old Simpsons.
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Far better than @thesimpsonstattoo, which is atrocious.
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What's the over/under on this being a bot?
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This one gave me vertigo.

"Ned Ascending a Staircase"
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I've always loved Springfield. Mostly always sunny, warm temperate climate. Not too many bugs, except for those panda-virus-transmitting mosquitoes found in Krusty-saurus toys.

Every day feels like a lazy summer Saturday afternoon.
That being said, I wanted to point out this iconic one.

Also somewhat related, but not really
The Simpsons’ Springfield Illustrated As A Deadbeat Town
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I was re-watching "You Only Move Twice" yesterday and was marveling at how all the effort went into creating such beautiful scenes when nothing could really be reused.

Anyway, I love this post.
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This one makes me feel good, and I don't know why -
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"The river bears no empty Duff bottles, sandwich papers,
Silk handkerchiefs, cardboard boxes, cigarette ends
Or other testimony of summer nights."
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